Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse (236ml)

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Now there’s a way to transform thin, limp, damaged or lifeless hair into voluminous, healthy hair. Feed it what it needs, wants and craves at the roots, and watch it flourish and lead a much fuller life.

Raise your hair to new heights with Yarok Feed Your Roots while you lower your carbon footprint with this 100% vegan, cruelty free, all-natural eco-luscious mousse for all hair types.


How to use

Use on wet hair before blow-drying to protect from heat styling and to create volume or on dry hair to enhance volume and styling potential. Apply golf ball size amount of mousse to the palm of the hand or onto a comb and massage into the roots and throughout the hair for increased volume.



To complete the look, use Yarok Feed Your Ends to increase protection and add shine before styling.  Finish with Yarok Feed Your Hold to keep your style in a natural state of resilience throughout the day.

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