Josh Rosebrook - Active Infusion Serum (60ml)


Josh Rosebrook - Active Infusion Serum (60ml)

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Formerly Deep Hydrating Serum, Josh Rosebrook's Active Infusion Serum demonstrates the evolution of our collection. The original aroma, texture and consistency remain, while the formulation has been adjusted to increase performance. Marula and Avocado oil have replaced Coconut as our primary carrier oil, and they've also added a few new, potent, skin-regenerating herbs.

This active, herb-infused serum penetrates quickly and moisturizes fully to assist and support real skin transformation. Rich fatty acids and vital phytonutrients help calm, nourish, moisturize and repair skin cells through our unique, concentrated plant and herb synergies.  


How to use

On a clean, dry face first mist the Hydrating Accelerator.  While face is wet with the Hydrating Acclerator, apply 1 pump of the Deep Hydrating Serum using circular, pressing motions.

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