Yarok means “Green” in Hebrew and was founded by Israeli hair stylist, Mordechai Alvow. Yarok is committed to making a difference for people and the planet one head at a time by providing the most nourishing, eco-friendly and effective hair and scalp care products to salons and individuals. 

Their focus is to make the greatest positive impact on hair and scalp health with the least negative impact on the natural environment. Whether it comes to our packaging, our product formulations, our day-to-day operations or our strategic partnerships to support environmental causes.

Each Yarok formula is a powerful blend of organic and all-natural botanicals that are consciously sourced and responsibly harvested. Yarok uses many “certified organic” ingredients, and are in the process of having all of their ingredients be “certified organic”.

The entire hair care line is free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and cruelty to animals, and they work beautifully, too.

Yarok are also committed to helping sustain the beauty of the planet. Yarok donates 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance, www.pachamama.org, a globally flourishing non-profit dedicated to supporting the indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru to protect over 10 million acres of Amazonian Rainforest. So every time you purchase or use a Yarok product, you are joining a powerful alliance to make a difference for our world and for future generations.


Yarok. Food for Your Head. Good for the Earth.