Savon Stories - Kashmir Lavender Organic Essential Oil (10ml)

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Smooth and soft, with a calming floral note, this exceptional lavender is grown in the Bulgarian lavender valleys of Kazanlak, renowned for cultivating some of the finest oil-yielding plants in the world. Perhaps the most versatile of essential oils, lavender promotes both sleep, restfulness and vitality, depending on when and how it is used. 


Medical research supports traditional uses for:

• Enhancing quality sleep | increases the length of "deep sleep" (the critical part of sleep where our body and mind rests and re-energises) directly leading to a sense of “higher vigor” the following morning.

• Mild insomnia remedy | recommended by medical researchers as a  “safe alternative” to conventional pharmaceutical medicine, for "mild to moderate sleep disturbances”.

• Relaxation | decreases heart rate and blood pressure, inducing a more relaxed state. Also ideal to calm irritable/sleepless babies.


Any specific claims are evidenced by genuine clinical studies, but not guaranteed to be successful for everyone. Contact us for more information.


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